Yuanjiang Railway Bridge

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Yuanjiang Railway Bridge
Yuanjiang, Yunnan, China
730 feet high / 223 meters high
817 foot span / 249 meter span

Yuanjiang railway bridgeRender2.jpg

Another giant Chinese railway crossing, the Yuanjiang Railway Bridge is the highest steel truss bridge in the world at 223 meters and has the tallest railway bridge piers ever built standing 154 and 141 meters from foundation to cap. The span is the most significant structure on a new railway line from Kunming to the Vietnam border where it will eventually go all the way to Bangkok city.

Several crossing sites were studied including one route that would have required a 606 meter arch bridge that would have been the largest ever built as well as an arch with a span of 368 meters.

The railway bridge is located just one kilometer upstream of the huge Honghe Bridge crossing of the Yuan River on the G8511 expressway.

Yuanjiang railway bridgeRender.jpg

Yuanjiang railway bridgeRender5.jpg

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Yuanjiang railway bridgeRender8.jpg


Yuanjiang Railway access road bridge.



Yuanjiang Railway Bridge satellite image.



Yuanjiang Railway Bridge Location map.

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