Zongmugou Railway Bridge

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Zongmugou Railway Bridge
Chengcheng, Shaanxi, China
390 feet high / 119 meters high
446 foot span / 136 meter span

There are higher and longer railway bridges then China's Zongmugou bridge but never before in railway history has a bridge had a pier as gigantic as the one on Zongmugou. Rising 105 meters to the underside of two 136 meter beam spans, the Eiffel-tower shape of the central pier was required to resist earthquake forces as well as the weight of heavy, fast moving trains.

The bridge is part of a 204.5 kilometer double electrified line that runs through the Yellow River region east of Xian and also includes a large 803 meter long truss bridge across the Yellow River.

The Zongmugou Railway Bridge has a span configuration of 78+ 2x136 +78 meters and a total length of 834 meters.

Zongmugou Railway Bridge satellite image.

Zongmugou Railway Bridge location map.

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