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[[File:Baiguwan Map.jpg|550px|center]]  
[[File:Baiguwan Map.jpg|750px|center]]  

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Baiguwan Bridge
Renhuai, Guizhou, China
656 feet high / 200 meters high
591 foot span / 180 meter span


Baiguwan Bridge is one of several giant cantilevered beam bridges on the Jinrentong Expressway that connects Jinsha to Renhuai to Tongzi in Guizhou Province. Baiguwan Bridge has a span configuration of 2×40+ 95+180+95 +4x40 meters.

The king of the route is the 350 meter high Tongzihe Jinrentong suspension bridge.

The Renhuai City region has become one of the hot spots of high bridges in Guizhou Province with such beautiful spans as Maotai, Yanjinhe, Xiaohekou, Luolu, Miaoyin and Dafaqu Bridges all within a 30 minute drive.

Baiguwan Elevation 200 mtrH.jpg

Baiguwan Bridge Elevation


Baiguwan Bridge satellite image.


Baiguwan Bridge location map.

Baiguwan Map.jpg