Baiyunshan Bungee Platform

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Baiyunshan Bungee Platform
Chinese Name
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
138 feet high / 42 meters high
(98) foot span / (30) meter span

The only cliff bungee jump platform in the entire Guandong/Hong Kong region, the Baiyunshan Bungee is located high up on the slopes of Baiyun Mountain Park. The platform offers a spectacular view of the Guangzhou city skyline before the big drop into a forest of tall trees.

Baiyun Mountain has several lakes, gardens, restaurants, a golf course, a huge birdcage and a gondola with an elevation difference of 198 meters.

You can see more at their website:

Baiyunshan Bungee Platform satellite image.

Baiyunshan Bungee Platform location map.