Daxihe Bridge Yuxiang

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Daxihe Bridge Yuxiang
Mingyuzhen, Chongqing, China
(492) feet high / (150) meters high
(492) foot span / (150) meter span

Daxihe Bridge Yuxiang is another large concrete cantilevered beam bridges along the 6-lane Yuxiang G65 Chongqing to Pengshui 2nd expressway. The structure has a total length of 1,126 meters with piers as tall as 103.5 meters.

Also on the new expressway is the beautiful double arch Shunagbao Bridge and the elegant Wujiang Bridge Mozhai extradosed bridge.

Daxihe Bridge Yuxiang satellite image.

Daxihe Bridge Yuxiang location map.

G65 Chongqing to Pengshui 2nd expressway.JPG