Fausto Bisantis Bridge

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Fausto Bisantis Bridge
Ponte Fausto Bisantis
Fiumarella Bridge
Ponte Fiumarella
Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy
367 feet high / 112 meters high
758 foot span / 231 meter span

BisantisRino Porrovecchio.jpg

Image by Rino Porrovecchio.

Probably the greatest concrete arch bridge ever built in Italy, the Viadotto Fausto Bisantis or Fiumarella bridge is the handiwork of master bridge engineer Riccardo Morandi. The V-shaped piers and inclined spandrels in the arch are a Morandi trademark and give the bridge an interesting profile it would not have had with vertical supports. Completed in 1962, the arch was joined many years later by a concrete beam bridge built across the same Fiumarella River valley. In 2001 the bridge was illuminated and named Il Ponte Bisantis, in memory of Catanzaro native and Repubblica Italiana senator, Fausto Bisantis.

Big ponte morandi catanzaro 1.jpg

Fausto Bisantis Elevation.jpg

Fausto Bisantis Elevation4.jpg

Fausto Bisantis Elevation7.jpg

Fausto Bisantis Elevation6.jpg


Fausto Bisantis Elevation2.jpg



Fausto Bisantis / Fiumarella Bridge satellite image.



Fausto Bisantis / Fiumarella Bridge location map.