Gaolanhe Railway Bridge

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Gaolanhe Railway Bridge
Xiakou, Hubei, China
476 feet high / 145 meters high
469 foot span / 143 meter span

Gaolanhe RailwayRender.jpg

One of the longest and highest railway viaducts in Hubei Province, the Gaolanhe Railway Bridge is the largest structure on the Yichang to Xingshan high speed railway line.

The continuous rigid-frame cantilevered beam structure has a main span configuration of 76+4x143+88 meters on piers as tall as 124 meters. The depth of the beam varies between 5.5 and 13 meters.

Gaolanhe RailwayCanyon.jpeg

Gaolanhe RailwaySky.jpeg

Gaolanhe RailwaySlopePier.jpeg

Gaolanhe RailwayConstPier.jpg



Gaolanhe Railway Bridge satellite image.


Gaolanhe Railway Bridge location map.

Yichang to Xingshan HSR Map.jpg

Yichang to Xingshan HSR Map.