Jiangjinshan Railway Bridge

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Jiangjinshan Railway Bridge
Gutianzhen, Fujian, China
367 feet high / 112 meters high
328 foot span / 100 meter span


One of the tallest and highest railway bridges in Eastern China's Fujian Province, the 567 meter long Jiangjinshan Railway Bridge crosses a remote mountain valley on four 100 meter spans. The tallest pier measures 99 meters.

The railway line connects the cities of Ganzhou and Longyan. Just to the west are the Yuziying, Senken #1 and Songtoujiang Railway Bridges on the older 2004-built Ganzhou to Longyan line.




Yuziying Railway LocationMap copy.jpg

Jiangjinshan Railway Bridge location map.

Yuziying Railway LocationMapWide.jpg