Niujiaoping Railway Bridge

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Niujiaoping Railway Bridge
Ziyang, Shaanxi, China
364 feet high / 111 meters high
630 foot span / 192 meter span


A massive prestressed Railway beam bridge along the the second line of the Xiangyan-Chongqing Railway line, the double tracked Niujiaoping Railway bridge has a prestressed main span of 630 feet (192 mtrs), one of the longest of its type anywhere in the world. Portugal's Ponte S. João bridge over the River Douro is the only railway beam bridge I know of that is longer at 820 feet (250 mtrs).

Also just 8 kilometers southwest of the Niujiaoping Bridge is the equally spectacular Zhuqihe Railway Bridge with a height of 130 meters and a main span of 128 meters. Both bridges are approximately 50 kilometers southwest of the main station in Ziyang.

It should be noted the city of Xiangfan is now called Xiangyan hence the current line name of Xiangyan-Chongqing Railway line. The length is quoted by Wikipedia to be 895.3 kilometers. The line was electrified in 3 phases from 1980 to 1998 and a second track was completed in 2009. This new line is more direct measuring only 507 kilometers in length and capable of trains as fast as 160 km/h.

According to TUNNELweb:

Xiangfan-Chongqing Railway, 859.6km long, was constructed from 1968 and was formally opened to traffic in June 1978. Xiangfan-Chongqing Railway runs across Wudang Mountain, Daba Mountain and Huaying Mountain. There are 405 tunnels with a total linear length of 287km on the railway line, including 12 tunnels with more than 3km length, 2 tunnels with more than 5km length, 7 three-track tunnels and 2 4-track tunnels. No. 2 Daba Mountain Tunnel, 5.334km long, is the longest tunnel on the railway line. The tunnel-line ratio of the railway is 33.4%. In particular, the tunnels on the 276km-long section of the railway line in Shaanxi Province have a total linear length of 172km and the tunnel-line ratio of the section is 62%. Of the 90 stations on the railway line, 36 stations are constructed in tunnels or on bridges. The tunnel construction is mainly carried out by top and bottom heading and hopper-shed tunneling method by means of light-duty machinery. Normally long tunnels are complemented with auxiliary heading to speed up the progress. Besides monolithic lining, shotcrete lining, semilining and arch flank wall are also used.

Damaoshan Tunnel on Xiangfan-Chongqing Railway is 2.368km long. The exit section of the tunnel is designed to convert from single-track section to three-track section, among which the three-track section is 271m long.





Note the supports beneath the railway span for the new 4-lane expressway.


Niujiaoping Railway Bridge satellite image.


Satellite image of Niujiaoping Railway Bridge in the lower left and the Zhuqihe Railway Bridge crossing in the upper right. They are located approximately 8 kilometers apart.