Tianba Bridge

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Tianba Bridge
Tianbacun, Yunnan, China
394 feet high / 120 meters high
361 foot span / 110 meter span


Completed in 2011, the 2-lane Zhao Qiao highway connects the cities of Zhaoyang and Qiaojia in a remote region of central Yunnan Province. The difficult, inaccessible terrain required the completion of several bridges including one over the Niulanjiang River and an even larger one over a Niulan tributary near the small village of Tianba.

The 596 meter long Tianba Bridge has a central span configuration of 60+110x2+60 plus 30 meter approach spans. The tallest pier measures 92 meters.

The Tianba Bridge is located just 2 kilometers south of the Niulanjiang River gorge and about 20 kilometers west of the G85 Niulanjiang expressway bridges that rise 165 and 180 meters above the river.


Tianba Bridge satellite image.


The large Niulan River Canyon can be seen north of the Tinaba Bridge crossing under construction in the lower left.


Tianba Bridge location map.