Wujiang Bridge Guijin

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Wujiang Bridge Guijin
Jiuzhuangzhen, Guizhou, China
1,050 feet high / 320 meters high
2,133 foot span / 650 meter span

Wujiang Bridge Guijin Render.jpg

One of Guizhou's highest and largest 6-lane bridges, the Wujiang Bridge Guijin crossing is composed of a 650 meter main suspension span with approach spans totaling 1,477 meters. The deck is approximately 250 meters above the surface off a full reservoir.

The span configuration is 12x30+6x40 +650 +7x30 meters. The Guiyang to Jinsha Expressway also has spectacular bridges over the Chishuihe and Shuiluohe Rivers.

Wujiang Bridge Guijinrender.jpg




Wujiang Bridge GuijinHighDroneSky.jpg

Wujiang Bridge GuijinWideSide.jpg

Wujiang Bridge GuijinDownTower.jpg

Wujiang Bridge GuijinDownCables.jpg

Wujiang Bridge GuijinTowerHills.jpg

Wujiang Bridge Guijin TowerConst.jpeg

Wujiang Bridge Guijin Foundation.jpg


Wujiang Bridge Guijin Satellite.jpg

Wujiang Bridge Guijin satellite image.

Wujiang Bridge Guijin SatelliteWide.jpg

Wujiang Bridge GuijinLocation.jpg

Wujiang Bridge Guijin location map.

Wujiang Bridge GuijinLocationWide.jpg