Aizhai Beam Bridge


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Aizhai Beam Bridge
Jishou, Hunan, China
512 feet high / 156 meters high
475 foot span / 145 meter span

Hidden behind a mountain that separates it from the huge Aizhai suspension bridge, this prestressed beam bridge is quite a structure in its own right as it carries a 4-lane highway across a deep ravine and into the Aizhai suspension bridge tunnel.


Image by Eric Sakowski /

The highway has one of the most beautifully designed concrete railings I have ever seen in China. Hopefully this tradition will continue on new highways throughout the country. Image by Eric Sakowski /

A couple of BASE jumpers take a leap from the span several hours before the main event at the suspension bridge in 2012. Image by Eric Sakowski /

Image by Eric Sakowski /

Image by Eric Sakowski /

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