AlpspiX Viewing Platform


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AlpspiX Viewing Platform
Wettersteingebirge, Bavaria, Germany
(246) feet high / (75) meters high
43 foot span / 13 meter span

Located next to the top station of the Alpspitzbahn ski lift in the Wettersteingebirge mountains in Bavaria, Germany, the AlpspiX viewing platforms are unique for being two separate structures that criss-cross each other. Designed by Wallmann Architekten, the X-shape is formed by two curving bridges that are both 23 meters long with 13 meters of that length fully cantilevered. Not so evident in photos, one platform is tilted up 4% and the other is tilted down 4% to accentuate the height difference. The two platforms weigh 54 tons and were flown into position by helicopter.

AlpspiX Viewing Platform satellite image during early stages of foundation construction.

AlpspiX Viewing Platform location map.

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