Bailuohe Railway Bridge

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Bailuohe Railway Bridge
Nanzhang, Hubei
(328) feet high / (100) meters high
(262) foot span / (80) meter span

Bailuohe Railway.jpg

The Zhengzhou to Chongqing high speed railway line has several spectacular river crossings along a heavily tunneled route along the mountains north of the famous 3 Gorges region of Hubei and Chongqing Provinces.

Further north there are a few high beam bridges including Bailuohe Railway Bridge with piers 76.5 and 73.5 meters tall.

Other big railway bridges include a 340 meter concrete arch over the Meixi River, a 200 meter beam-arch span over the Pengxi River, a 300 meter steel arch over the Daninghe and other large beam crossings over the Tangxi, Zhuyuan and Xingshan Rivers.

Bailuohe RailwayConst.jpg

Bailuohe RailwaySatellite.jpg

Bailuohe Railway Bridge satellite image.

Bailuohe RailwayLocationMap.jpg

Bailuohe Railway Bridge location map.

Bailuohe RailwayLocationMapWide.jpg
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