Beipanjiang Bridge Yanjia


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Beipanjiang Bridge Yanjia
Ceheng, Guizhou, China
(295) feet high / (90) meters high
(328) foot span / (100) meter span

Constructed near the southern end of the great Beipanjiang River in a remote area of Southwest Guizhou Province, a new crossing at Yanjia was necessary to raise route S312 above the deep waters of a new reservoir formed by a downstream dam in the year 2008. The original multi-arch crossing of the S312 was destroyed in the same year.

In 2015 a parallel expressway bridge will open just a couple hundred meters north of the Yanjia beam bridge on the Wang'an Expressway between Anlong and Wangmo cities.

The older Yanjia arch bridge that was once located about 1 kilometer south of the new S312 bridge.

Construction on the new Beipanjiang Wang'an Expressway cable stayed bridge just south of the Yanjia beam bridge.

Beipanjiang Bridge Yanjia satellite image.

Beipanjiang Bridge Yanjia location map.

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