Beltran Bridge

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Beltrán Bridge
Viaducto Beltrán
San Marcos, Jalisco, Mexico
459 feet high / 140 meters high
(525) foot span / 160 meter span


The tallest bridge on the Autopista Guadalajara-Colima, Viaducto Beltrán is an elegant, asymmetrical prestressed concrete beam bridge with a towering central pier. Located at the mouth of the Beltrán River where it empties into the much larger rio Tuxpan, the 3-span bridge has an open “window” on the short, two walled north pier that contrasts nicely with the single slab of the towering south pier.

In addition to Beltrán, the Autopista Guadalajara-Colima also has two high prestressed beam bridge crossings near the town of Atenquique. The first viaduct is known as Atenquique I and measures 240 feet (73 mtrs) high while Atenquique II measures 256 feet (78 mtrs) high.

Beltrán Bridge Elevation