Benshuixi Bridge


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Benshuixi Bridge
Youyang, Chongqing, China
312 feet high / 95 meters high
328 foot span / 100 meter span

Benshuixi Bridge is the highest structure on a new spur expressway that connects the G65 expressway to the Youyang city railway station in Chongqing. Consisting of mostly tunnels and bridges, the 16.6 kilometer route bypasses the older 2-lane national road G319 that runs alongside the Longtan River. In addition to Benshuixi Bridge, the Huashansanhao beam bridge is also located on the expressway with a height of around 90 meters and a span of 100 meters.

A map of the new expressway showing the bridges in blue and the tunnels in red.

Benshuixi Bridge satellite image with bridge crossings shown in red.

Benshuixi Bridge location map.

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