Brazil Bridges 90 to 100 meters

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The slender supports of the Viaduto Fundão

Brazil has several tall railway viaducts in the 295 foot (90 mtr) to 328 foot (100 mtr) range including the curving, 1969-built Viaduto Fundão on the Ferrovia Centro-Atlântica, the Viaduto afogador da ligação on the ferroviária Fazenda Alegria-Fábrica and the huge Viaduto Araguari with its rare A-frame span opening. The Viaduto da Geriza is another curving beauty and can be found on the Ramal ferroviário Capitáo Eduardo.

A popular bridge with bungee jumpers, the 1958 constructed Ponte Dom Pedro II (86 meters high) crosses the rocky São Francisco River gorge near Paulo Afonso City in Bahia. A rare 3-hinged polygonal truss-arch, the designer extended the use of trusses to the deck spans as well as the two main pier supports. Two major hydroelectric dams are located just upstream from the bridge.

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