Chiche Bridge


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Chiche Bridge
Puente Chiche
Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador
449 feet high / 137 meters high
689 foot span / 210 meter span

One of South America's most beautiful bridges, the Chiche Bridge is the largest structure on the access highway to the Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito, Ecuador. Leaping between two cliffs, several designs were studied before the engineers decided on a frame bridge with inclined piers. The sleek and stealthy design is by Grupo Puentes. The 6-lane structure is 315 meters long with a main span of 210 meters as measured between the strut foundation centers or 175 meters as measured along the central beam span. The crossing is located just a kilometer upstream of the older 2-lane Chiche truss bridge which is still jammed with local traffic traveling between two large mesas east of Quito, the highest capital city in the world. The older bridge is approximately 70 meters high and is a popular spot for "puenting" where thrill sport junkies leap over the side and swing below the deck from a rope.

Work on the new Chiche Bridge was contracted in 2012 with the Public Metropolitan Enterprise of Mobility and Public Works of Quito (Ecuador) for $35 million. The bridge is currently the 3rd highest in South America after Brazil's Viaduct 13 and Peru's Autisha Bridge.

Chiche Bridge Elevation

Image by EPMMOP.

The local highway crosses approximately 70 meters above the Chiche River on this 2-lane truss bridge.

Image by Afuera Producciones.

Image by Afuera Producciones.

Image by Afuera Producciones.

A jumper falls into the groge from the top of the truss. Image by Afuera Producciones.

Image by Afuera Producciones.

New Chiche Bridge satellite image.

Old Chiche Bridge satellite image.

Chiche Bridge location map.

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