Croatia Bridges 90 to 100 meters

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One of Europe’s higher pedestrian bridges, the Pazinska Jama footbridge (90 meters high) is a prestressed concrete beam bridge with a main span of 287 feet (87.5 mtrs) and a total length of 379 feet (115 mtrs). Located in the town of Pazin-Istra, the bridge was completed in 1993.

The second Maslenica arch bridge

The Maslenica bridge (90 meters high) is a beautiful new concrete arch bridge that was a replacement for a 1961 era steel arch that was destroyed in the last Croatian War. Of the more than 50 bridges that were destroyed on the Maslenica Highway, the crossing of the Maslenica Strait was the most important as it severed the North and South parts of the country. The new bridge was built on a new alignment with a main span of 656 feet (200 mtrs) composed of a fixed double cell arch rib supporting a deck with a width of 67 feet (20.4 mtrs) to handle future 4-lane highway traffic. The concrete arch was built using the stayed cantilever method. Opened in 1997, the final touches included a decorative new lighting scheme that accentuates the structure at night. The bridge was designed by Vinko Čandrlić, Jure Radić and Zlatko Šavor of the Structural Department of the Zagreb Faculty of Civil Engineering.

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