Cuntan Yangtze River Bridge


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Cuntan Yangtze River Bridge
Chongqing, Chongqing, China
361 feet high / 110 meters high
2,887 foot span / 880 meter span

Cuntan Yangtze River Bridge joins several other large Chongqing area Yangtze River suspension bridges that have significant height and great span length. These include the Fuma Yangtze River Bridge and the Fuling Qingcaobei Yangtze River Bridge.

All of these Chongqing crossings are under the upper reaches of the giant 3 Gorges reservoir that raises the level of the Yangtze River by several dozen meters depending on the location. For the Cuntan Yangtze Bridge the normal water elevation of the Yangtze River is around 157 meters. During full pool, the 3 Gorges reservoir level is at 175 meters. The crown of the deck is at an elevation of approximately 267 meters.

The 200 meter tall towers support a 3.5 meter thick steel box deck 42 meters in width that carry 8 lanes of traffic, allowing quick access to Chongqing Airport to the north. The main suspension span has a configuration of 250+880+250 meters.

Cuntan Yangtze River Bridge computer render.

Cuntan Yangtze River Bridge satellite image North Tower construction area.

Cuntan Yangtze River Bridge satellite image South Tower construction area.

Cuntan Yangtze River Bridge location map.

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