Daduhe Bridge Hanyuan


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Daduhe Bridge Hanyuan
Hanyuan, Sichuan, China
407 feet high / 124 meters high
837 foot span / 255 meter span

The Daduhe River Bridge near Hanyuan might not look real high until you realize the massive main span is 837 feet (255 meters) between piers, among the 12 longest concrete beam spans ever built. The piers are 328 feet (100 meters) high.

The original roads and old suspension bridge crossing can be seen on the map above. All are now under the new reservoir.

A satellite image taken soon after the beam bridge was completed.

The Old Daduhe suspension bridge near Hanyuan, Sichuan. The flood shown above is not from the impending reservoir water but from a river flood. This view was taken from the approximate location of the new beam bridge.

Another high beam bridge crosses the same reservoir east of the Daduhe Bridge.

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