Daninghe Bridge Hurong

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Daninghe Bridge Hurong
Wushan, Chongqing, China
719 feet high / 219 meters high
1,312 foot span / 400 meter span

The largest and most spectacular bridge on the new highway that skirts along the north side of the Yangtze River’s famous 3 gorges region, the muscular Daninghe arch bridge carries 4 lanes across the famous Daning River in a single bound of 1,312 feet (400 mtrs). Completed in 2010, it ranks among the 12 longest arch spans on earth. The new 4-lane expressway is one of two major arteries that will connect Yichang and points east to the once isolated super cities of Western China including Chongqing and Chengdu. The other new Yangtze River bypass is the West Hurong expressway in the mountains along the south side of the river with an unprecedented 10 bridges over 500 feet (152 mtrs) in height including Siduhe, the World’s Highest Bridge.

As with most of China’s largest steel arch bridges, the Daninghe was constructed using the stayed cantilever method whereby a tower is erected on either side of the gorge and cables temporarily radiate out from it to support individual sections of the arch until the two halves can be joined in the middle.

The bridge is both a physical and spiritual replacement for the Dragon’s Gate bridge that once spanned the mouth of the Daning River before the rising waters of the 3 Gorges reservoir forced its removal. The concrete arch gateway marked the starting point for millions of tourists on their boating adventure up the most spectacular tributary of the entire Yangtze River 3 Gorges region - the Daninghe. Known as the Lesser Three Gorges to differentiate it from the Yangtze River, a trek up the Daninghe reveals more than just one of China’s largest arch bridges. The initial Dragon Gate gorge has many wonders beginning with the longest plank walkway in China. Further along is Misty Gorge with beautifully sculptured stalactites tagged with colorful names like Monkey Fishing in the Air and Fairy Peach Peak. Continuing into the final Emerald Gorge, boats pass such landmarks as the Sky-Scraping Red Wall and Flying Clouds Cave.

Daninghe Bridge Elevation




Image by Xinhuanet.

Image by cq.people.com.cn

Cross section of one of the steel arch box ribs.

Image by www.gog.com.cn

Image by www.gog.com.cn

Cross section of the steel and concrete composite beam deck.

Image by www.sfwhw.com

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