Egongyan Metro Line Bridge

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Egongyan Metro Line Bridge
Chongqing, Chongqing, China
295 feet high / 90 meters high
1,969 foot span / 600 meter span


The Egongyan Metro Line suspension bridge parallels the original 2000 road crossing with the same span length of 600 meters. But the new monorail-only bridge uses a completely different self anchored design that eliminated the need for the huge concrete anchors that the original bridge uses.

Egongyan Bridge crosses the upper end of the giant 3 Gorges reservoir and is only 83 meters high if the reservoir is at full pool level of 175 meters above sea level. But if the reservoir is down several meters, the full height of the tall tower piers can be seen along with the natural shoreline of the Yangtze River.

370EgongyanMetro10 copy.JPG

Egong'yan Metro Bridge. Image by Eric Sakowski /


Image by John Filmer.

372EgongyanMetro14 copy.JPG

Image by Eric Sakowski /

373EgongyanMetro15 copy.JPG

Image by Eric Sakowski /

374EgongyanMetro19 copy.JPG

Image by Eric Sakowski /

375EgongyanMetro21 copy.JPG

Image by Eric Sakowski /

376EgongyanMetro23 copy.JPG

Image by Eric Sakowski /

377EgongyanMetro29 copy.JPG

Image by Eric Sakowski /

378EgongyanMetro33 copy.JPG

Image by Eric Sakowski /


Caiyuanba Bridge. Image by John Filmer.

380Shibanpo2018View copy.JPG

Shibanpo Bridge, the world's longest span beam bridge. Image by Eric Sakowski /




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