Erlanghe Bridge


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Erlanghe Bridge
Erlangxiang, Guizhou, China
804 feet high / 245 meters high
656 foot span / 200 meter span

Located just 3 kilometers north of the giant Tongzihe Bridge, Erlanghe is nearly as impressive with piers that reach a height of 167 meters and a central span configuration of 106+200+106 meters plus approach spans of 3x40 meters and 4x40 meters. These two bridges are the largest spans on the northern extension of the Zunchi Expressway that connects Renhuai city to the Guizhou/Sichuan border. The Erlanghe Bridge is located at kilometer 53. The Tongzihe Bridge is located at kilometer 50.

Erlanghe Bridge Elevation

Image by Eric Sakowski /

Image by Eric Sakowski /

Image by Eric Sakowski /

Image by Eric Sakowski /

Erlanghe Bridge view from May of 2013.

Erlanghe Bridge pier construction. The piers are so tall they have 4 separate "stories" of approximately 40 meters each. I don't know of any other beam bridge piers in China that have more then 3 stories except for Eralanghe. These piers rank among the 15 tallest in the world!

Erlanghe Bridge construction.

Erlanghe Bridge pier foundation construction.

Satellite image of Erlanghe Bridge crossing location.

Tongzihe and Erlanghe Bridges location map.

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