Falanggou Bridge

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Falanggou Bridge
Linkouzhen, Guizhou, China
679 feet high / 207 meters high
738 foot span / 225 meter span

Scheduled for completion in 2015, the Falanggou Bridge was originally reported to have a height of over 300 meters from an erroneous deck elevation figure. Updated reports as well as views of the site confirm that the new figure of 207 meters is more in the correct height range. The main span will be supported on piers 138 and 120 meters tall. The span will be located just a few miles south of the Guizhou/Chongqing border before the G76 highway crosses the giant Chishuihe river gorge before continuing north towards the Yangtze River and the Chongqing City region. Just a few miles further north on the same expressway will be the 190 meter high Nianziping beam bridge with a height of 623 feet / 190 meters while an hours drive south on the expressway will be the Zongqihe arch crossing with a deck height of 866 feet / 264 meters.

Construction workers excavate the East side foundation at the edge of the canyon.

The above satellite view of the Falanggou Bridge site shows the approximate location of the crossing.

Falanggou River Bridge Elevation

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