Fangdong Yandang Mountain Footbridge


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Fangdong Yandang Mountain Footbridge
Yandangzhen, Zhejiang, China
(295) feet high / (90) meters high
(246) foot span / (75) meter span

The highest footbridge in eastern China, the Fangdong Yandang Mountain footbridge crosses between two towering rock formations in the Fangdong area of Yandang Mountain Park. Located near the coast in Zhejiang Province, the park is actually one of several that are within the mountainous region between Wenzhou and Taizhou cities.

The most famous and highest peak in the range is in the northern Yandang area where the highest elevation reaches 1,150 meters above sea level. Since it became a National Geologic Park in 2004, Yandangshan has become a popular tourist attraction with many trails and caves spread among the volcanic igneous rocks. The footbridge is a few kilometers south of the Lingfeng Peaks area of North Yandangshan scenic area.

There is little information on the design of the bridge with a main span of approximately 75 meters and a vertical drop of around 100 meters to the boulder strewn gorge below.

Image by Kischlat.

A smaller suspension footbridge along the trail.

Fangdong Yandang Mountain Footbridge satellite image.

Fangdong Yandang Mountain Footbridge location map.

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