Fengziwan Bridge

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Fengziwan Bridge
Longjuzhen, Chongqing, China
515 feet high / 157 meters high
394 foot span / 120 meter span

One of two high beam bridges just east of Longjuzhen, the Fengziwan Viaduct curves high above the Modaoxi River canyon. Just to the south is the even higher Longju Bridge. Both spans are the most spectacular crossings on the Wenzhou to Lichuan Expressway. Fengziwan Bridge has a length of 1,060.5 meters with a main span configuration of 65+2x120+65 meters. On the north side there are 11 approach spans of 40 meters and on the south side 6 spans of 40 meters. Maximum pier height is 140 meters.

Fengziwan Bridge is on the left with Longju Bridge towards the right.

Fengziwan Bridge satellite image.

Fengziwan Bridge location map.

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