Furongjiang Bridge Dao'an

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Furongjiang Bridge Dao'an
Daozhen, Guizhou, China
(427) feet high / (130) meters high
558 foot span / 170 meter span

Furongjiang Dao'an2.jpg

Furongjiang Bridge Dao'an is a rare cable stayed bridge with a lean back tower. Although such gravity-defying structures have been built on many cable stayed footbridges - notably those by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava - they are far less common on large highway bridges. The first major example was probably the Batman Bridge in Tazmania that opened in 1968.

The single tower of Furongjiang Bridge Dao'an measures 98.5 meters in height with a lean back of 18.4 degrees or an angle of 71.6 degrees. The total length of the bridge is 340 meters with a main span of 170 meters. The deck is approximately 115 meters above the reservoir surface or 130 meters above the original river level.




Furongjiang Dao'an1.jpg

Furongjiang Bridge Dao'an computer render.

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