Gangou Railway Bridge


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Gangou Railway Bridge
Dafang, Guizhou, China
(295) feet high / 90 meters high
262 foot span / 80 meter span

Located right next to the G56 Expressway, the dual Gangou Railway Bridges make it easy for rail fans to view some high speed train action on the upper Chengdu to Guiyang line. The lower bridge crosses under the high speed line and carries the medium speed single line Zhijin to Bijie Railway.

The tallest pier measures 67 meters and supports a central span of 80 meters.

Just 2 kilomters south of the Gangou Railway Bridges is the Gangou arch bridge on the Bijie highway.

Image by Eric Sakowski /

Gangou Railway Bridge satellite image. Only a few foundations of the 2 railway bridges can be seen in this early construction view.

Gangou Railway Bridge location map.

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