Gasajiang Bridge


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Gasajiang Bridge
Jiasazhen, Yunnan, China
676 feet high / 206 meters high
656 foot span / 200 meter span

Yunnan's great Red River has several of the province's highest spans including the Yuanjiang Railway Bridge and the giant Honghe expressway Bridge. Equally impressive will be the massive Gasajiang Bridge on the Yuxi to Lincang expressway. At 172.65 meters, the Gasajiang Bridge will have Yunnan's tallest bridge pier ever supporting a 982 meter deck consisting of a span configuration of 2x39 +77+170+200+170+77 +5x39 meters.

Despite its huge size, the Gasajiang Bridge may not receive the title of greatest structure on the Yuxi to Lincang expressway. That honor will probably be bestowed upon the 18 kilometer long Ailaoshan tunnel that will become the world's second longest 4-lane expressway tunnel with a length of 18 kilometers.

Gasajiang Bridge satellite image.

Gasajiang Bridge location map.

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