Guanlin Bridge


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Guanlin Bridge
Dejiang, Guizhou, China
361 feet high / 110 meters high
427 foot span / 130 meter span

With a length of 2,148 meters, the Guanlin Bridge is one of the longest high level viaducts in Guizhou Province. Curving high above dozens of farm houses on the outskirts of Dejiang City, the structure is sure to get your attention whether you are driving across it or viewing it from below.

The giant structure has two main beam spans with configurations of 70+130+70 meters and is one of 4 major bridges on the S25 Expressway. The other 3 include the Matihe, Xiaohe and Wujiang Dejiang Bridges.

Guanlin Bridge satellite image.

Guanlin Bridge North Bridge satellite image.

Guanlin Bridge South Bridge satellite image.

Guanlin Bridge location map.

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