Guobihe Railway Bridge


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Guobihe Railway Bridge
Nayong, Guizhou, China
(433) feet high / (132) meters high
420 foot span / 128 meter span

The 60 kilometer long Zhi'na Railway between Zhijin and Nayong has 4 beam bridges over 100 meters high. The most remote of them is the Guobihe Bridge located between 2 long mountain tunnels at kilometer 37.

The bridge has a span configuration of 68+128+68 meters. The tallest pier is 98 meters. The 36 kilometer section of the line located entirely within Nayong County has 23 bridges and 16 tunnels making up 49% or 18 kilometers of the total length.

Guobihe Railway Bridge satellite image.

Guobihe Railway Bridge location map on the Zhi'na Railway.

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