Heiyagou Bridge Number 1

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Heiyagou Bridge Number 1
Fuping, Hebei, China
338 feet high / 103 meters high
443 foot span / 135 meter span

One of Northeastern China's higher prestressed beam bridge spans, the Heiyagou No. 1 bridge is even lower than Heiyagou No. 2 - a viaduct with 120.5 meters tall piers that is probably more than 130 meters high. Both structures are on a new highway about 150 miles (240 kms) southwest of Beijing and about 40 kilometers west of Fuping city.


Heiyagou Bridge No. 1 satellite image.

The giant curve of Heiyagou Bridge No. 2 can be seen in the middle with Heiyagou Bridge No. 1 on the right.

A map showing the Heiyagou Bridges at their location on the still unmarked section of the S52 Baofu Expressway that continues west from Fuping city.

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