Hemenkou Bridge

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Hemenkou Bridge
Hemenkou, Sichuan, China
(525) feet high / (160) meters high
787 foot span / 240 meter span

Wudongde Hemenkou Aerial.jpeg

Hemenkou Bridge was constructed to cross the deep waters of the Wudongde Dam reservoir that extends for dozens of kilometers along China's famous Jinshajiang (Yangtze River). With most of its height submerged underwater, very few will have ever seen the structure at its full height of more then 150 meters. The giant beam span configuration of 135+240+135 is supported on piers 85 meters tall.

The 2-lane Hemenkou Bridge crosses between Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces 5.3 kilometers upstream of the 240 meter tall Wudongde Dam that will be completed by 2018.




Hemenkou Bridge satellite image.


Wudongde Dam drawing.

JinshaDams&Lakes copy.jpg

Diagram showing the 6 great dams of the Yangtze and Jinshajiang Rivers.


Hemenkou Bridge location map.

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