Hepingxia Bridge

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Hepingxia Bridge
Hepingxia, Hebei, China
545 feet high / 166 meters high
492 foot span / 150 meter span

Crossing high above the canyon entrance of the Hebei Xingtai Gorges Geopark, the side by side spans of the Hepingxia Bridges make an indelible mark on tourists arriving at the sightseeing parking lot below. At 166 meters they are also the highest bridges in Hebei Province.

The prestressed beam bridge spans are wedged between two long tunnels on the mountainous Xing Fen Ji Jin Expressway to Xingtai in Hebei Province (邢汾高速公路邢台至冀晋). The side by side crossings have different span configurations with the eastbound span being 80+150+80 meters and the westbound span being 80+140+75 meters. The piers on the larger crossing have a considerably wider shaft.

Also on the Xing Fen Ji Jin expressway is the Mingshui 1 Hao Bridge with 150 meter spans and a height of 125 meters.

The tourist parking area for Xingtai Gorge is located just a few hundred meters south of the bridges.

This construction footbridge was approximately 100 meters long and 115 meters high.

Hepingxia Bridge satellite image.

Hepingxia Bridge location map.

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