Hoffstadt Creek Bridge

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Hoffstadt Creek Bridge
Saint Helens, Washington, United States
370 feet high / 113 meters high
600 foot span / 183 meter span


The largest and highest bridge along Washington State’s Spirit Lake Memorial Highway, Hoffstadt Creek is a deck truss bridge with a main span of 600 feet (183 mtrs). Opened in 1991, the new highway was built to replace the original highway that was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Saint Helens in 1980. By taking an elevation high above the North Fork of the Toutle River, the new route 504 is safer from potential debris run off and flood damage. The continuous truss was built by erecting the outside spans of 332 feet (101 mtrs) on falsework and then cantilevering the central span of 600 feet (183 mtrs) from each side. The approaches are steel plate girders with spans that vary from 148 feet (45 mtrs) to 232 feet (71 mtrs). The truss reaches a depth of 56 feet (17 mtrs) above the piers. The bridge cost 12.6 million dollars and uses 2,505 tons of steel. Shelby Bridge Co. was the contractor, Universal Structural was the fabricator and Western Pacific erected it. The bridge won the 1996 Merit Bridge Award for a Long Span bridge from the American Institute of Steel Construction Inc.

Hoffstadt Creek is not the only tall bridge on route 504. Nearby Cow Creek bridge is also high at 260 feet (79 mtrs).

Hoffstadt Creek Bridge Bridge Elevation

Hoffstadt4 copy.jpg

Image by Eric Sakowski / HighestBridges.com


Hoffstadt Creek Bridge satellite image.