Honghe Bridge Jianyuan

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Honghe Bridge Jianyuan
Yuanyang, Yunnan, China
748 feet high / 228 meters high
2,297 foot span / 700 meter span

Honghe bridge JianyuanColorRender.jpeg

The Honghe Bridge Jianyuan is the largest and most spectacular crossing on the Jianshui to Yuanyang expressway in a remote region of South Yunnan Province. The steel box deck rises 184 meters above a reservoir formed by the Madushan Dam. The central span of 700 meters was chosen over several other proposals including truss deck suspension spans of 680 and 736 meters as well as a 420 meter span cable stayed configuration.

Honghe Bridge Jianyuan Elevation

Honghe bridge Jianyuan700mtrSpan.jpg

Honghe bridge JianyuanAerialRender.jpeg

Honghe bridge JianyuanRenderHeight.jpeg

Honghe bridge Jianyuan3DRender.jpeg

Honghe bridge JianyuanFoundationAerial copy.jpeg

Honghe bridge JianyuanTower3D.jpeg


Honghe Bridge Jianyuan east tower basement.jpg



Honghe Bridge Jianyuan satellite image.



Honghe Bridge Jianyuan location map.

Yuanjiang bridge Jianyuan Prob K Route.jpg

Several Honghe River crossing locations were studied before they chose the blue route.

Jianshui to Yuanyang expressway 700m span.jpg
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