Hongshuihe Bridge Huiluo

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Hongshuihe Bridge Huiluo
Hongshuihezhen, Guizhou, China
(656) feet high / (200) meters high
1,667 foot span / 508 meter span

One of the largest cable stayed bridges in either Guizhou or Guanxi Provinces, the Hongshuihe Bridge traverses over a deep reservoir from the Longtan dam located 65 kilometers downstream. With a central span of 508 meters, the engineers were able to cross the lake with no underwater piers. This required towers 195 meters tall supporting a configuration of 2x20 +213+508+185 meters. The total length of the bridge is 956 meters and is located at kilometer 113 on the Huiluo Expressway.

The giant Longtan Dam. The beam bridge in the background is over the Buliuhe river and is not the Hongshuihe Bridge which is located 65 kilometers upstream from the dam. The Buliuhe Bridge has a main span of 235 meters and is the highest beam bridge in Guanxi Province at 190 meters.

The Longtan Dam with the Hongshuihe River in the background.

Hongshuihe Bridge satellite image.

A wider view of the Hongshuihe Bridge area before construction began on the cable stayed bridge. The crossing faintly visible to the left is the Luotianle beam bridge opened in 2011.

Longtan Dam satellite image showing the Buliuhe River to the left and the Hongshui River north and to the right.

Hongshuihe Bridge location map.

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