Huajiaba Railway Bridge

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Huajiaba Railway Bridge
Weixin, Yunnan, China
(361) feet high / (110) meters high
328 foot span / 100 meter span

Huajiaba railway 4.jpg

The Huajiaba Railway Bridge is one of several big beam bridges on the high speed Guiyang-Chengdu Railway line. The back to back 100 meter spans cross directly over the small town of Bohuocun on piers as tall as 95 meters.

The Guiyang-Chengdu line has three other beam bridges over 100 meters high including the nearby Xiangbahe Bridge and the Diaolanhe and Luojiaohe bridges east of Bijie, Guizhou. The most spectacular span on the line is the great Yaxi Railway Bridge with a central arch of 436 meters almost 300 meters above the original level of the Wujiang River.

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Huajiaba Railway Bridge satellite image.


Huajiaba Railway Bridge location map.


Chengdu-GuiyangRailwayMap copy.jpg

Chengdu-Guiyang Railway Map.

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