Jiangkai Bridge

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Jiangkai Bridge
Shibing, Guizhou, China
541 feet high / 165 meters high
394 foot span / 120 meter span

The Jiangkai Bridge is a rare arch span that is higher then its span length due to the deep crevasse-like gorge with picture perfect cliffs that drop vertically on both sides.

The bridge was constructed using many rows of Bailey-type truss supports that supported the concrete ribs before they hardened and could be removed. completed in 2010, the bridge was built as part of a safer bypass along route S306 where the older road descended into the river canyon via a series of tight switchbacks.

The main concrete arch was constructed on top of a series of temporary truss ribs that were removed upon completion of the bridge.

Jiangkai Bridge satellite image.

Jiangkai Bridge location map.

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