Jinshajiang Railway Bridge Chenggui

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Jinshajiang Railway Bridge Chenggui
Yibin, Sichuan, China
295 feet high / 90 meters high
1,102 foot span / 336 meter span

Jinshajiang Railway Bridge Chenggui is one of the largest combination road and railway bridges in the world with 6 lanes of traffic on the lower level and four tracks on the top level including the Guiyang to Chengdu High Speed Railway lines.

Located just south of Yibin City, the colossal double decker crossing is supported by a large central arch span of 336 meters. The distance between the two levels is a world record at 33 meters/108 feet - the height of a 10 story building! The main span is flanked on each side by 2 smaller arches with spans of 120 and 116 meters.

Although the Chenggui Bridge has an average height of 90 meters, the flow of the Jinsha River varies considerably during the year with water levels dropping by as much as 10 meters or more during the winter making for a rail deck height of approximately 100 meters. During the summer the flow can increase the level of the river by as much as 10 meters making the bridge only 80 meters high.

Click on the excellent YouTube channel "Chinese Bridge" to see a video of the Jinshajiang Chenggui Railway Bridge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PXHl0Ug5_g

Jinshajiang Railway Bridge Chenggui satellite image.

Jinshajiang Railway Bridge Chenggui location map.

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