La Souleuvre Viaduct Bungy Platform


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La Souleuvre Viaduct AJ Hackett Bungy Platform
Normandie, France
200 feet high / 61 meters high
(98) foot span / (30) meter span

One of the earliest permanent bungy sites in Europe, the La Souleuvre bungy platform was built atop one of Gustav Eiffel’s dismantled bridge piers by bungy pioneer AJ Hackett. This was accomplished by building a unique two-span suspension footbridge. Atop the last pier there are two cantilevered platforms where you can jump over a small pond. There is also a top swing, flying fox and luge within the river valley.

Visit their website:

La Souleuvre Viaduct Bungy Platform satellite image.

La Souleuvre Viaduct Bungy Platform location map.

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