Ledera Bridge

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[[File:LederaProb60mtrH 90mtrSpan.jpg|750px|center]]
[[File:LederaProb 60mtrH 90mtrSpan.jpg|750px|center]]

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Ledera Bridge
Viadotto Ledera
Santo Stefano di Camastra, Messina, Italy
(197) feet high / (60) meters high
(295) foot span / (90) meter span


The Ledera Bridge is one of 10 crossings along Italy's breathtaking A20 motorway that exceed 60 meters in height. All the structures are dual viaducts with main spans between 90 and 110 meters in length. The 11 meter wide decks are supported by beautiful piers that taper as they rise.

Completed in 2004, the A20 motorway connects Palermo and Messina along the Tyrrhenian coast punching in and out of numerous tunnels.

LederaProb 60mtrH 90mtrSpan.jpg



Ledera Bridge satellite image.


Ledera Bridge location map.

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