Liutonghe Bridge


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Liutonghe Bridge
Dapingzixiang, Sichuan, China
708 feet high / 216 meters high
(525) foot span / (160) meter span

Reported to be 216 meters high from deck to original river level, the Liutonghe Bridge is one of several high beam bridges that were completed to raise the level of local road S307 to the upper slopes of the Jinshajiang (Yangtze) river to avoid being submerged under the lake formed from the completion of the Xiluodu Dam. With a height of 285.5 meters, Xiluodu is the 3rd tallest concrete dam in the world and is located on the border of Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces.

The Liutonghe Bridge piers are 125 meters tall.

Xiluodu Dam satellite image.

Xiluodu Dam.

Liutonghe Bridge satellite image.

Liutonghe Bridge location map.

Xiluodu Dam reservoir bridges location map.

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