Longwangmiao Railway Bridge

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Longwangmiao Railway Bridge
Sanlixiang, Hubei, China
390 feet high / 119 meters high
328 foot span / 100 meter span

The Longwangmiao Railway Bridge is another high pier and beam viaduct on the greatest high bridge railway in the world - the Yichang to Wanzhou Railway line. With more than 70 percent of the route either in a tunnel or on a bridge, the complex geology of the terrain has forced the engineers to overcome landslides, falling rock and steep terrain. The line has an unprecedented 5 bridges that exceed 100 meters in height including Yexihe, Luobuxi, Mashuihe and Dukouhe.

Massive, conical shaped piers with a maximum height of 106.5 meters support two main spans of 328 feet (100 mtrs). The total length of the bridge is 3,028 feet (923 mtrs).



Longwangmiao Railway Bridge satellite image.

Map of the new railway line that cuts across Hubei and Chongqing Provinces.

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