Malinghe Bridge Zhaozhuang

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Malinghe Bridge Zhaozhuang
Xingyi, Guizhou, China
1,079 feet high / 329 meters high
1,345 foot span / 410 meter span


When it opens in 2026 the Malinghe Bridge Zhaozhuang will become the highest road arch bridge in the world as well as the second highest railway bridge ever built albeit in the form of a light rail metro line. The width of 40 meters will also be a record among the world's 100 highest bridge spans. Some may argue that Malinghe Zhaozhuang is not a true railway bridge capable of handling heavy locomotives and that Chenab, Najiehe and the Beipanjiang Qinglong Bridge are still the 3 highest railway arch spans on earth. However you rank it, this massive red arch is sure to garner attention in a picture-perfect setting high above the famous Malinghe River gorge.

Built to connect the main city of Xingyi in the west with the newer developments on the east side of Xingyi, the giant concrete filled steel tubular ribs will be supporting 6 lanes of traffic, 2 metro lines and 2 pedestrian walkways. The metro line 1 is only the first of an ever expanding metro line system that will see at least one other major metro line crossing high above the Maling River several kilometers to the north of the Zhaozhuang arch bridge. The Malinghe Bridge Zhaozhuang construction has been delayed for more then 5 years and might not be completed by 2024 if construction does not begin in 2021.

The entire Malinghe River is a protected scenic spot with dozens of spectacular waterfalls cascading into its waters along a stretch of several kilometers. The close proximity of such a deep gorge to Xingyi city will eventually result in the construction of more high bridges in one location then any other place in the world. This starts with Malinghe One Bridge at the north end of the gorge and continues south with the Malinghe Bridge Shankun, Malinghe Arch Bridge, Malinghe Metro line 4 Bridge, Malinghe Bridge Zhaozhuang, a highway and railway bridge and finally a high speed railway bridge. The 3 southernmost bridges will all exceed 300 meters in height. Expect this huge collection of towering bridges to be completed by around 2024.


Malinghe bridge Zhaozhuang Begin.jpg

Malinghe Bridge Zhaozhuang approach spans construction ceremony.

Malinghe bridge ZhaoZhuang width.jpg

Malinghe Bridge Zhaozhuang will be the widest high level arch bridge in the world with 6 traffic lanes, 2 metro paths and 2 pedestrian walkways.


Construction access roads for the piers of the Zhaozhuang Malinghe Bridge. Image by Eric Sakowski /


Image by Eric Sakowski /


Image by Eric Sakowski /


Malinghe Bridge Zhaozhuang satellite image.


Malinghe Bridge Zhaozhuang location map showing the route of metro line 1.