Moracica Bridge


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Moracica Bridge
Most Moračica
Podgorica, Montenegro
(640) feet high / (195) meters high
623 foot span / 190 meter span

Moracica Bridge is the king of Montenegro's 41 kilometer Bar-Bolijare highway between Podgorica and Kolasin. Due to open in 2019, the 960 meter long Most Moračica will have a maximum pier height of 158.5 meters supporting a span configuration of 95+170+3x190+125 meters. The central pier will have a base size of 33x26 meters at the foundation.

The highway will reduce drive time between Podgorica and Kolasin from 90 minutes to just 25 minutes. The Moracica Bridge is being constructed by its investor the China Road and Bridge Corporation.

Moracica Bridge satellite image.

Moracica Bridge location map.

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