Mtentu Bridge


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Mtentu Bridge
Lundini, Eastern Cape, South Africa
730 feet high / 223 meters high
853 foot span / 260 meter span

Mtentu Bridge is scheduled to open as the highest bridge ever built in Africa with a deck height of approximately 223 meters. The massive central beam span of 260 meters will also be a record for the African continent among beam bridges and the 141 meter pier #9 will be also be the tallest on the continent. The Mtentu Bridge will have a total length of 1,132.7 meters with a span configuration of 1.65+53.7+5x66 +150+260+150 +2x66+53.7+1.65 meters.

The nearby cable stayed Msikaba Bridge will not be as high as Mtentu Bridge but the main span of 580 meters will be the second longest on the African continent only behind the Maputo-Catembe Bridge in Mozambique.

The Msikaba and Mtentu Bridges are part of an improvement to the older N2 Wild Coast Toll Road that will be 85 kilometers shorter and 3 hours faster. Designed by DISSING+WEITLING, the concrete structure will have a deck 22.8 meters wide with walkways on both edges.

Mtentu Bridge Elevation

Mtentu Bridge location map.

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