Nancun Bridge

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Nancun Bridge
Qianyang, Shaanxi, China
(476) feet high / (145) meters high
525 foot span / 160 meter span

The Nancun Bridge is the second highest of 3 giant Baohan Expressway bridges that skirt along the Fengjiashan reservoir about 10 kilometers east of Qianyang in Shaanxi Province. The other two crossings are the giant Wulipo and Jiankou viaducts, each with 4 spans of 160 meters. Wulipo is 172 meters high while Jiankou is 118 meters high. All 3 structures were completed in late 2011.

Nancun Bridge has 7 approach spans of 30 meters and a total length of 548 meters.


The tallest pier is 85 meters.

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Map of the Baohan Expressway. The Fengjiashan reservoir can be seen in blue.


Nancun Bridge satellite image.


Satellite image showing the 3 giant bridges under construction. At the top left is Jiankou with Wulipo in the middle and Nancun in the lower right.

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